The Gift of Camp Keeps Giving

When connecting with alumnae we hear them say how camp “changed their lives”, “made them the person they are today”, “was a profound experience in their childhood”, “camp friends are their best friends”. Here’s a little more information from sources that help us truly understand why camp is the gift that keeps on giving!

Research about how camp helps build self esteem through American Camp Association’s study on camp outcomes is compelling: provides significant data that camps help build self esteem in children.

The “growing up” experience explained in Michael Thompson Ph.D blog on PBS showing the independence campers feel when they overcome homesickness and learn how to be away from home:

How the camp experience helps people master transitions – a life skill that is needed as a child, a teen, a young adult, an adult, a senior:

These are just a few links to substantiate the case of “why camp” and how camp is a gift that builds lifelong skills. As we mention on our Partnering with Parents page:

“Camp’s ability to develop 21st century skills from face to face collaboration to team work and group problem solving help children build life skills. Camp is more than just clean air and fun these days – camp is a profound life shaping experience. We are honored to be part of the growth of your children and we take the responsibility very seriously. Not only that, but we love what we do and we are passionate about youth development and being part of helping prepare your daughters for life. Thank you for sharing your daughters with us!”

Camp is more than a summer of fun. Camp is a significant experience. At Camp Runoia, we believe that camp is the gift that keeps on giving!

Happy gifting!



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