The Highlight of My Year

I have a good life. I travel, meet interesting people and my job is never boring. Last summer I spent a weekend at Camp Runoia, celebrating its 110th anniversary. Now THAT was the highlight of my year and I know now, that one day I will be a camp counselor again.

I spent twelve summers of my formative at Camp Runoia in Belgrade Lakes. In those days, the program was eight weeks, camp was like a bigger and more diverse version of my own family and I loved every minute of it. It is where I understood the real meaning of living with other people, discovered lasting friendships and the value of respect. So, a whole weekend with a group of women whom had been my role models, my teammates and my friends growing up was a treat.

To the observing eyes, in this case those of my husband, the years had not taken their toll on our enthusiasm for our camping days. But most importantly, there was an invisible bond that time had left unbroken. No words needed. We knew that we could count on one another at any given time just like we used to when the lake got rough on a long canoeing trip or on the quest for a sympathetic ear.

What I realized going back to camp after so many years was that the happiness I felt and the sense of belonging driving through the Runoia gate, was just as strong as it had been 30 years ago, it was like coming home. So it came as no surprise to my husband when I told him we would be stopping by the real estate office in Belgrade Lakes on our journey back.

Runoia Alumna and Guest Blogger, Marie-Claude Francoeur

That’s me in the wetsuit… I had a much better time on the swim to Oak Island (and back) than this picture portrays!

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