Camp Anticipation

I am nervous there are butterflies in my stomach, my nights are often sleepless and I start my days in great anticipation.  It is almost time for camp!   I have spent the whole year since the end of last August preparing for this.  The stage is set and I eagerly anticipate the curtains opening.

The days become a blur with long hours both in the office and out on site.  We are preparing, checking, double checking, chasing down information, finishing up the last projects and filling the waiting with work.

Even though I have done this many times it is always so new, so exciting and just a little nerve wracking.  I will be met with a new audience while some faces are the same the mix is different.  Will I recognize returning faces?  Will the lake be warm? Will all run smoothly? Will the sun shine?  Can we meet the promises that we have sold to families and to our new staff?

I am confident in Runoia’s ability to run smoothly like a well-oiled machine.  We live for and store up our energy for this – the summer season when it truly is camp time. Maine is looking beautiful and ready for it’s summer campers and their families.

18Bring it on it’s going to be awesome and we are going to totally make the Runoia dream team for 2015 a reality!

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