Our Runoia Mission is “Building lifelong skills and empowering campers and staff to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and with nature.”

At Runoia you can work hard and play hard and feel you have made a difference in the world. It may be the toughest job you can imagine working 24/7 with children in a camp setting as professional camp counselor but it will be the BEST job you’ll ever have and you will most likely want to figure out how to do it again and again. We will help you gain transferable skills, learn about teaching and working in a professional company, build your resume and have fun while you do it. Join us and make the world a better place!

Hiring for the new season starts November 1st.

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There is no difference! We use the two terms interchangeably.

Most staff members have two main responsibilities – a cabin counselor and an activity instructor.

As a cabin counselor, you are a role model working with a group of 10-14 girls in their cabin (also known as “shack”) group. You will work in a cabin with at least two co-counselors and together you will become a cohesive unit by getting to know your campers, overseeing their health and safety, helping them solve problems and maintaining cabin neatness.

As an activity instructor, you are expected to be able to plan and teach at least one camp activity. There are four-five one-hour activity periods most days, and staff are often asked to teach the same activity all periods.

All counselors and staff are expected to pitch in with whatever else needs to be done around camp to ensure the smooth running of our community, this could be helping at the waterfront, running evening program, leading a day trip and even plunging a toilet!

You will be paid a salary based on age, experience, and job responsibilities that is competitive to other camp salaries. In addition to your pay, you receive room, board (meals), and free laundry service.

For the most part, our counselor and staff members are college students, recent graduates, or teachers. Most are aged 19 to 30. Each summer we hire about 45 counselors/instructors and about 20 administrative and support staff. The majority of our counselors are from the U.S. and usually 6-8 counselors are from other countries. We value diversity and accept candidates for employment without regard to: race, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background or social-economic status. We are a group of enthusiastic, energized, caring people who are excited about sharing our talents with campers. The Runoia culture does not support a party atmosphere, instead our culture promotes healthy living and an opportunity to enjoy a summer filled with new experiences. We are one of the few camps without a curfew because we feel strongly our counselors are adults and are able to handle the responsibility of their own time off. Camp Runoia is a non-smoking environment and does not allow any tobacco products on campus. The use of illegal substances or underage alcohol consumption is prohibited.

The majority of counselors live in rustic cabins with campers and share a room with another staff member. There are toilets and sinks in the cabins and shower houses located close by. Counselors have access to a power outlet in their room and a lamp for night reading.

We eat three meals a day on a regular schedule most meals are eaten in our dining hall at tables. Some meals are eaten picnic-style outside. Our food is nutritious and we serve a balanced menu over the course of a day. Meals are simple recipes served family-style at the tables. Three light snacks are served each day. We have a vegetarian option at every meal and often provide a salad bar once or twice a day. If you have extreme nutritional requirements or if you eat a very modified diet, Runoia is probably not the place for you.

We enroll about 130 girls ranging in age from 8 to 16. They come from all over the US and some from overseas. We are very proud that between 85-95% of our campers return each summer. We also have second and third generation campers! Runoia girls are proud of their camp and value their camp friends. Many girls come to camp knowing no one at camp and create friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

There are days and nights off assigned for each session. You will get approximately 2 days per session and one or two nights a week out of camp. There is also time off in camp. Camp Runoia has a generous time off plan to help staff rejuvenate.

Staff members arrive at camp by car, plane, and bus. We will pick up at the Portland, Maine or Augusta, Maine Jetports, and the Augusta Greyhound bus station or the Augusta Concord Trailways bus station free of charge.

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Yes. Both campers and counselors wear a simple uniform a couple of times a week. Most of the time we wear casual summer clothes appropriate to wear around youth. The formal uniform is: navy shorts and a white polo style shirt worn with sneakers and socks. On most occasions you can vary the uniform with khaki shorts and a navy polo.

Cell phones and laptops may be used in your free time and can be stored in your locker. Keep in mind some cell phone reception is poor. Email and wireless internet access are available at camp. Postal mail is delivered six days a week. There is also a staff phone available for use with a calling card. Counselors and staff have access to a staff lounge in their free time. The lounge is casual with a few chairs and couches, a TV, a computer with internet access, a locker for each counselor and a small book exchange library. If you have a lock you can bring it with you or you can rent one from Camp Runoia for $5 for the summer season.

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