Runoia Connections Across the World

We’ve been talking about Six Degrees of Camp Runoia – that expression came from a Kevin Bacon reference but that’s not important. The gist is every person you know or you meet is only 6 connections away from Camp Runoia. After Alex ran into Emily Levine in the airport last week and I talked with someone who knows the past owner of high end fine bedding and linens business- who is an alumnae of Runoia, we all seem so connected.

Last week one of our alumnae campers’ mom (that’s only one degree of separation, btw!), sent me a message about her new documentary on PBS, MAKERS. Makers is an amazing documentary about women who made the women’s movement in America. It’s even more than that as a bright, powerful, emotional piece production. If you missed it, you can stream it:

Today I noticed, in recognition of March being National Women’s Month, they are posting an incredible woman every day. Check it out by clicking here.

What a cool and amazing opportunity to read about one woman every day. I hope to work on a list of camp alumnae and their incredible accomplishments soon. Off the top of my head they include women in major film production, financiers, officers, deans of universities, teachers, attorneys, veterinarians, business owners, social workers, psychiatrists, athletes, doctors, accountants and more. Each girl has the chance to grow up and be whatever she wants to be. Aren’t we lucky women in the 1970s made such an impact on our opportunities.

What Kind of Makers will these Girls Grow up to be?
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