Reflection and Resolution

It’s no coincidence that the New Year is ushered in directly following the December holidays. It gives us a chance to reflect and reset a balance in our lives.

Since many families have been busy with school vacation holiday time, the Camp Runoia office phone have gone a bit quiet and emails have turned from a torrential downpour to a trickle. We, too, have taken family holiday time.  It’s amazing to me how refreshing it is to S-L-O-W-D-O-W-N.

My holiday reflections and subsequent feelings of gratitude are multifaceted. The board games come off the shelf, the library book pile gets dug out and meal times are lengthy and meaningful. Dog walks are longer. Discussions are more intentional. Having a coffee with a friend doesn’t seem like a guilty pleasure but a delightful occasion. There is no lack of rich roods. Again, it’s no mistake that New Year’s resolutions follow the feasting of the holidays.

What are your ponderings about the year? Have you thought of resolutions you want to employ in 2013? Whatever they might be or not be, there is a world of people who are unified in belief that the changing of one year to another is significant and provides a chance to reset.

My resolutions? Being present in the moment and taking time to smell the roses are all wrapped up in my concerted effort to maintain a balance between efficient life work and slowing down. My experience over this week has been refreshing and in a sense, simple. It reminds me of a childhood summer at camp. What’s not to love about that.

Happy New Year Camp Runoia – take a minute out of your busy day to fill in the blanks!


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